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Data and Machine Learning Services

What I do

Data and Machine learning

Using my expertise in machine learning and artificial intelligence, I create state-of-the-art business and science solutions. My knowledge of various business domains and AI/ML technologies helps determine the right data strategy, automated processes, reduce costs and uncover opportunities.


Training and Speaking

I have designed and delivered data training courses for both new-comers to the field as well as for advanced users. Some clients include BNP Pariba, GE, Deutsche Bank, Aegon/Transamerica


I can help with

Machine Learning

I help to create expert in-house capability and support embedding a data science and machine learning culture in your organisation

Data Strategy

I help build your data strategy to automate and improve your business, including the implementation machine learning pipelines


I use data science and machine learning together with agile prototyping to test new ideas and guide you and your business


I help build solid foundations for all your data needs by implementing the data architecture that supports your business

Jesús has had a wonderfully positive influence on my career, with his passion shining through every day I worked with him. While working on a project that he led, I was able to see the breadth of his work. He provided constant direction and feedback on my work. He expertly navigated any difficult moments in the project and kept everyone informed at every stage with his thorough approach.

Dave Groves

J Rogel possesses a deep understanding of both data science and the various leading edge big data technologies. I found he was quickly able to jump from technical detail to communicating the right ideas needed to understand the topic at hand. 

Christian de Chenu

Not only does Jesús Rogel possess an exceptional understanding of data science, he is also a fantastic communicator. Jesus was a pleasure to work with and learn from and is also a very nice guy who I would highly recommend.

Joe O´Brien

Data Science And ANalytics

Do you want to learn more about the use of data science and analytics? Then take a look at my books

Dr J Rogel-Salazar

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Data Science and Machine Learning Services

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